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About Broken Hill

Broken Hill is an outback oasis full of attractions, mining heritage, diverse culture, welcoming hospitality and away-from-it-all experiences. From its rich mining history, to its unique outback location and the colourful, brilliant characters it has produced, the unofficial capital of Outback NSW remains a bucket-list destination for any keen traveller.

A true outback city in every sense, Broken Hill is a living, breathing time capsule where the great mining prosperity of yesteryear blends seamlessly with a rising modern art scene, all set amid a sprawling desert landscape. It’s a place of huge skies, red earth and a fascinating and internationally significant history. It is, after all, Australia’s first heritage-listed city and its secrets are just waiting to be discovered.

Broken Hill experienced great prosperity during the late 19th century and the architecture of that period lives on to tell the tale. Grand, ornate buildings are dotted around the city and some residential streets are still lined with original miners’ huts, creating a palpable sense of history as you wander around.

Thanks to its unique aesthetic and outback landscapes, Broken Hill has produced some of Australia’s greatest artists and inspired photographers and filmmakers the world over. From Pro Hart and the ‘Brushmen of the Bush’ to ‘The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ and ‘Mad Max 2’, its representation in the arts has been staggering.

It’s isolation in a compellingly beautiful, rugged and harsh terrain formed the resilient characters that started the world’s largest mining company, BHP (Broken Hill Proprietary), back in the 1880’s. Broken Hill is a ‘mineralogical rainforest’, comprising over 300 mineral varieties that tell the story of 2.3 billion years of the Earth’s history. It’s home to a rare volume of minerals and of the world’s richest deposits of silver-lead-zinc. Mining in Broken Hill was vital to the development of the nation, moving Australia into an industrial, economic powerhouse and of the world’s biggest resource suppliers. Broken Hill helped shape modern Australian society thanks to early workers fighting for their rights and safety. Broken Hill even created the eight-hour working day – it’s no wonder this city is so well loved!

These days, Broken Hill is a cultural hub, home to more than 20 art galleries exhibiting works inspired by the stunning landscapes and the remarkable stories that form its heritage – from countless museums encapsulating the city’s rich history and stunning murals to incredible open air sculptures shaped from the rocky landscape. As the sun sinks below the vast horizon, the town is treated to world-class sunsets and epic views of the Milky Way above. A visit to Broken Hill delivers an authentic and unique Aussie outback experience, which you can enjoy in different ways – sleeping under the stars in a remote National Park, or being pampered in the lap of luxury. No matter how you do it, you arrive expecting the unexpected, and leave with lifelong memories of an amazing place that’s like nowhere else on the planet.

For more information about Broken Hill’s local attractions, accommodation, dining and surrounds please visit Destination Broken Hill.


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