17-19 AUGUST

15-17 AUGUST

Silverton Attractions

Silverton has many attractions including galleries, museums, food outlets and natural wonders. We suggest you bring some cash, as not all businesses have EFTPOS and our internet can be a bit unreliable at times. Some attractions also ask for a donation rather than an entry fee.

Find out more about attractions in Silverton –

There are four donkeys wandering around Silverton: Deggy (the biggest) Jenny (the smallest), Jack and Jill (the middle sized).

They are usually up for a pat and a photo, but please DO NOT FEED them. An occasional carrot or apple is okay, but DO NOT feed them bread, cakes, chips, pies or any other junk food (you would be surprised what people give them).

A couple of years ago we lost Jenny’s mum from overfeeding of junk food. Donkeys will eat anything offered to them, so please don’t do it. We love our big eared furry friends.

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You can also download the Official Silverton Brochure for more info on local attractions.


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