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15-17 AUGUST


Ticket resale facility

Our official ticket resale partner is Tixel. This is the only place where you can buy and sell guaranteed, genuine pre-loved tickets.

(Resale Facility opens on Wednesday 8th May) 

Sell your tickets or join the waitlist!

All e-tickets for the 2024 Mundi Mundi Bash will be sent via email on Wednesday 8th May for fully paid orders.

To list your ticket, simply download the e-ticket you’re hoping to sell and upload it as a PDF into Tixel. If you’re having trouble locating your e-tickets, get in touch with us via the Contact Us Portal.

If you opted to have your festival wristbands and vehicle stickers delivered by mail, you’ll need to swap your entire order to e-tickets in order to list them for resale.

Reach out to us via the Contact Us Portal and we can organise this for you.

If you have already found a buyer for your ticket but want to complete the transaction safely, you can create a private sale by selecting the ‘make my listing private’ option at the final step. Otherwise your listing will be public and available for all potential buyers to see.

If you purchased on a Pay Over Time plan, you will need to pay off your tickets in full before selling them through Tixel.

Email with your order details requesting a fast-tracked payment. If you opted for your Pay Over Time tickets to be delivered by mail, be sure to request that this is changed to e-tickets if you intend to list your tickets for sale.

This facility is available to original ticket holders who purchased tickets directly via Oztix. If you are not the original ticket holder – for example if you purchased tickets privately – you will not be able to use this facility. 

Your money will be available to withdraw from your Tixel account after the event has completed.

If you’d like to fast-track this payment, you can pay a 1.9% processing fee to access these funds 3 days after your sale. Once withdrawn, it will take the standard processing times for the funds to reach your account. This can vary based on your bank but can take anywhere between 1 and 5 business days.

No, tickets are not guaranteed to sell. Supply and demand will dictate whether or not your tickets are sold prior to the event.

No, refunds are not available if you are unable to attend the festival for any reason. For details on when a refund would be issued, see our ticketing Terms and Conditions. 

If you purchased Booking Protect with your tickets and need to request a refund, you must log into and fill in and submit the Refund Application Form as soon as possible after becoming aware of circumstances that may lead you to request a refund but no more than 45 days after the booked event. You can read the full Booking Protect terms and conditions here.

Missed out on tickets for the 2024 Mundi Mundi Bash? Our official ticket resale partner is Tixel. This is the only place where you can buy and sell guaranteed, genuine pre-loved tickets.

Buy tickets, or join the waitlist now!

Ticket scammers are out and about, don’t become a victim! If you find a buyer or seller online, insist they transact with you via Tixel to know you are getting a genuine ticket. Sellers have the option to create a private sale by selecting the ‘make my listing private’ option at the final step.

If you don’t just want to receive alerts and would rather lock your place in the queue, Tixel also allows you to pre-authorise your credit card. This means that if a ticket that matches your preferences (both ticket type and price) becomes available, Tixel can auto-purchase on your behalf.

To register for an auto-payment, you need to provide all your personal details and a valid credit card. Once registered, you still aren’t guaranteed to receive a ticket. This can depend on how many other fans have pre-authorised, as well as how many fans are selling tickets.

Please note, there could be many other potential buyers also waiting for an auto-payment. To give yourself the best chance of securing a ticket, we recommend:

  • Selecting the correct type of ticket you want to buy
  • Tixel caps ticket prices at face value + 10%, so you can bid the maximum amount without fear of paying too much for a ticket.

Note: some credit card issuers might require 2FA (two-factor authentication) on some purchases. When this happens, the auto-purchase might fail because you won’t be present at the transaction to receive the code and submit it in time.

During the set up, you can choose the number of days before the event that you want your authorisation to expire.

No, pre-authorisation is not mandatory, you can choose to wait for your desired ticket type to become available and purchase yourself via Tixel. However, pre-authorised customers will automatically get priority for tickets that meet their requirements, so pre-authorisation is the best way to increase your chances of securing a ticket.

Visit Tixel to find out how to set up a pre-authorised purchase.


The Bash is in the Aussie outback. See the Gear Guide for tips on what to bring (and what to leave at home!).

Yes, the Mundi Mundi Bash is a family-friendly event with a range of activities on offer to suit the kids. Each child needs a ticket, and we have the following types available:

  • Youth (5-17 years) – $49
  • Child (0-5 years) – $19

The Mundi Mundi Bash is a dog-friendly event. If you are bringing your dog to the Bash, make sure you display a Dog Friendly Campsite sticker on your windscreen when you roll into Mundiville. A Dog Friendly Campsite sticker is sent with every Vehicle Entry Pass for ticket orders that are mailed out, or you can collect a sticker at the Ticket Office when you exchange your festival e-tickets – our friendly ticketing team will ask you if you require one.

No further ‘dog registration’ is required.

See Dog Attendance Rules for further details.

Our popular and extensive range of festival merchandise will be available to purchase from the Merchandise Tent at the Mundi Mundi Bash. EFTPOS and cash are accepted at the Merchandise Tent. Some items sell fast, so get in early to grab your souvenirs!

The weather is usually mild with temperatures averaging between 7-18°C. Rainfall averages at 18mm per month. Temperatures can range from zero at night to 28°C during the day – so come prepared and see Weather for more details.

The show will go ahead unless weather conditions are deemed to be dangerous. Make sure to check the forecast and bring the appropriate gear for wet, dry, cold and warm weather. See Gear Guide for some handy packing tips from seasoned Bashers.


General Admission

General Admission tickets give you entry to the 3 days and nights of music (Thurs 15th – Sat 17th), and on-site camping. Three categories of General Admission tickets are available:

  • Adult 18+
  • Youth (5-17 yrs)
  • Child (0-4yrs)


Vehicle Entry Pass

Every vehicle entering the festival site requires a Vehicle Entry Pass. Vehicle Entry Passes covers entry for the vehicle, ALL occupants in the vehicle and anything that your vehicle is towing. A Vehicle Entry Pass is required for vehicles coming to the festival and camping, and also for vehicles that are not camping but utilising Day Parking. Four types of Vehicle Entry Passes are available: 

  • Standard Entry Vehicle Pass – arrive from Thurs 15th Aug
  • 1 Day Early Entry Vehicle Pass – arrive from Wed 14th Aug
  • 2 Day Early Entry Vehicle Pass – arrive from Tues 13th Aug
  • 3 Day Early Entry Vehicle Pass – arrive from Mon 12th Aug


See Ticket Info & Pricing for more details about General Admission tickets and Vehicle Entry Passes.



The following optional extras are also available:

  • Early Exit Pass – allowing earlier “roll out” from the Mundiville campground.

EVERY vehicle arriving at the Bash requires a Vehicle Entry Pass

There are 4 types of Vehicle Entry Passes available, and they correspond to the day you can enter the festival from:

  • Standard Entry Vehicle Pass – $19
  • 1 Day Early Entry Vehicle Pass – $115
  • 2 Day Early Entry Vehicle Pass – $140
  • 3 Day Early Entry Vehicle Pass – $175

Vehicle Entry Passes are available when you purchase your festival ticket, so be sure to organise yourself and your group, as Early Entry Vehicle Passes tend to sell quickly! 

Early Entry Vehicle Passes are available, which allows 1, 2 or 3 extra nights camping at Mundiville before the music gets underway, for the serious festival lovers who want to squeeze out every single Bash moment available! 

There is no music or scheduled entertainment during the 3 Day Early Entry (Mon), it’s simply a day to roll in, and get settled, kick back, get to know your new Bash neighbours, and relax ahead of the fun! 

Activities and entertainment will be scheduled from 2 Day Early Entry (Tues onwards) for those who want to get involved in the fun!

You can buy an Early Entry Vehicle Pass from Oztix, either when buying your general admission ticket or at any time after buying your concert ticket, provided they haven’t sold out.

See Early Entry Vehicle Pass for full details.

An Early Exit Pass is an optional pass available for purchase, allowing you to exit the campground early on Saturday afternoon. Once you’re out of the campground you’re free to leave straight away or park in Early Exit Parking and head off after the music.

Passes cost $15, and 100% of this fee is donated to RFDS. There’s a limited quantity available.

See Early Exit Pass for full details.

Your wristband allows unlimited entry and exit from the concert area and Mundiville site. Passouts are not required.

However please note that there are strict restrictions on vehicle movements for vehicles inside the campground. Your car must remain parked and stationary at your campsite for the duration of the event, until roll out. Passouts are not available for vehicles.

See Camping at Mundiville for full details on entry and exit times.

No, groups can book tickets in a single order, or in several orders – this has no bearing on whether or not you will be camped together. 

Campsites are allocated to every vehicle when they arrive, so if you want to camp with a group, you must arrive in convoy to be allocated with adjacent campsites. 

Due to the possibility of adverse weather conditions affecting the access and safety of the proposed event venue, The Mundi Mundi Bash reserves the right to change the venue location to alternative sites within the Broken Hill area at any time prior to or during the event.

Cancellation of Event
If the event is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, ticket holders will be refunded the amount of their tickets purchased via Oztix.

For full details see the ticketing Terms and Conditions.

Ticket holders will need a physical wristband and Vehicle Entry Pass (car sticker) to be permitted festival entry. Patrons can opt to have these tickets delivered to their home, or pick them up in Broken Hill before heading to Mundiville.

See Ticket Collection for further details.

Yes, anyone can exchange a valid e-ticket for a wristband meaning a single person can pick up wristbands for a group without you being present. Every person must be wearing their wristband when they arrive at the festival, so it’s important to plan to receive the wristband ahead of rolling in.

** E-tickets can only be scanned once in exchange for a wristband, and wristbands are not replaceable if lost or stolen, so only pass your e-ticket onto a person you know and trust. **

No. We will be issuing heavy duty wristbands that will last for the duration of the event. We are unable to reissue or replace wristbands so please treat it like cash.

Tickets are non-refundable. For details on when a refund would be issued, see our ticketing Terms and Conditions.

If you purchased Booking Protect insurance with your tickets and wish to request a refund, you can make an online claim via the Booking Protect Portal. View the Booking Protect terms and conditions here.

As per terms and conditions, tickets may not be resold, unless at the point of sell out via an official Oztix resale facility.

Ticket holders who have opted to have their wristbands mailed out will need to contact us to swap over to e-tickets before being able to use a ticket resale facility. 

Oztix is the only authorised ticket seller, tickets purchased from any other source are not guaranteed to be genuine tickets. We recommend avoiding purchasing tickets privately, and purchase only through Oztix or our authorised ticket reseller. 


The Mundi Mundi Bash is 40kms north west of Broken Hill, NSW, on the magnificent Mundi Mundi Plains. We call the Mundi Mundi Bash site ‘Mundiville’. 

From Broken Hill, head 35km north-west on Brookfield Ave, then Silverton Road (2WD accessible) to reach Mundiville.

See Directions to Mundiville for further details.

See Rolling In & Out to make sure you come prepared and don’t get delayed at the gates.

Broken Hill is a large regional centre and has several supermarkets, hardware stores, department stores, pharmacies, medical centres and a hospital. 

There are many restaurants, cafes and pubs throughout the town, as well as various accommodation options such as caravan parks, hotels and motels.

Yes, staying in town is a good option for those who would prefer not to camp on-site or have alternative accommodation plans.

If self driving to the festival each day, you will need a Vehicle Entry Pass based on the earliest day that you will enter the Day Parking area. 

Alternatively you can purchase a ticket for our Transfer Bus.

See Day Tripping from Broken Hill for further details.

Silverton Shuttle

There will be a shuttle bus running between Mundiville and Silverton on early entry and concert days. This gives you the opportunity to go into town to look around, try some delights from the bakery, or have a pub lunch at the Silverton Hotel. 

Broken Hill Transfer Bus

A transfer bus will be operating between Broken Hill and Mundiville to service patrons who are day tripping into the festival. Pre-bookings are essential.

Pricing, timetables and booking details for these transport options will be made available closer to the event. See Day Tripping for further details.

You can reach Broken Hill and the Mundi Mundi Bash by 2WD. In fact, the only unsealed road is the final 2km stretch to the entrance of Mundiville, and this section is suitable for all vehicle types.

If you’d like to explore the outback or further into the desert, you’ll get further with a 4WD. There are a number of touring routes in the surrounding areas of Broken Hill, perfect for those looking to explore a little further.

If you are using the main, most direct routes to travel to Broken Hill, it is unlikely you will be affected by any road closures. 

Outback roads (particularly unsealed roads) can be closed after local rain. They usually re-open reasonably quickly. Plan ahead if you are taking a road trip on the more remote outback roads, and have a few alternative routes up your sleeve. 

Keep up to date with outback road conditions in the lead up to the Mundi Mundi Bash, and check out our tips for Driving in the Outback. Leave a few days spare for unexpected detours.


Your Vehicle Entry Pass will determine the dates that you can camp at Bashville.

  • Standard Entry Vehicle Pass – camp from Thurs 15th August
  • 1 Day Early Entry Vehicle Pass – camp from Wed 14th August
  • 2 Day Early Entry Vehicle Pass – camp from Tues 13th August
  • 3 Day Early Entry Vehicle Pass – camp from Mon 12th Aug

General campsite roll out begins from 6am Sunday 18th August.

Want to roll out ahead of the crowds? An Early Exit Pass allows you to roll out of camp early on Saturday 17th August between 2-5pm.

Campers are permitted to camp for an additional night after the festival on Sunday 18th August. There is no charge for this. All campers must roll out by midday Monday 19th August. For those staying on Sunday night: toilets will be available until midday Monday, however all other facilities, including food vendors, and Mundiville medical centre, will no longer be available. Food vendors will stop serving after breakfast on Sunday morning.

All campsites are at least 90m2, larger than sites at your average caravan park. 

We expect that 99% of setups will fit in the generous campsite allocation, however if your big-rig physically doesn’t fit, we will have a few larger sites available in each camping area.

Read Camping at Mundiville and check out the Campsite Layout image below for more details.

If you want to camp as a group with other vehicles, you must arrive at the Mundi Mundi Bash site together to be allocated adjacent campsites. You won’t be able to save a spot for a later arrival. We recommend meeting in Broken Hill or Silverton and driving in convoy to Mundiville.

Campsites are allocated on arrival and filled from front to back. If you have purchased a 1, 2 or 3 Day Early Entry Vehicle Pass, you will have a better shot of securing a site closer to the concert area. 

If camping in a group, roll in together to be allocated adjoining campsites.

We recommend that you come prepared and plan to park up, kick back and relax for the whole Bash!

If you need to leave, you can drive out of Mundiville campsite during limited hours ONLY: 4 – 6pm, however you can’t drive back into the campsite, you must leave your car in Day Parking and walk back to camp. You can come and go from Day Parking between 8am-10pm each day.

You can bring your car back to camp on Saturday @ 12.30 – 1.30pm ahead of roll out.

There is also a paid shuttle bus, which runs between Mundiville and Silverton on early entry and music days. 

The campsite has limited facilities due to the remote nature of the event. See Facilities for further details.

Dogs are restricted to camping in the allocated dog friendly campsite, as outlined on the Festival Map

If you are attending with friends who are not bringing a dog, they are also welcome to camp with you in the dog friendly campsite. Your whole group must display a Dog Friendly Campsite sticker on each vehicle’s windscreen, to ensure our marshals direct you to the correct camping area. A Dog Friendly Camp sticker is sent with every Vehicle Entry Pass for ticket orders that are mailed out, or you can collect a sticker at the Ticket Office when you exchange your festival e-tickets

If you are bringing your dog, please review our Dog Attendance info.

Absolutely! Camp fires are permitted. Bring your own firewood supply as collection of firewood on the surrounding private property is prohibited. A limited supply of firewood is sold onsite, and pre-orders are open now

Fires must be kept to a reasonable size for safety purposes (i.e. no bonfires), and must be put out with water (not buried in the dirt). Fires can be lit directly on the ground, or you can use a firepit.

No, all sites at the Bash are unpowered.

Generators are permitted at the Bash but can only run between the hours of 8am and 8pm. If you need to run medical equipment overnight please ensure it runs off a battery that can be charged during the day.

See Mundiville Camp Rules for more info about what is and is not permitted at the Bash.

  • Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s)
  • Kites
  • Fireworks
  • Chainsaws/Power tools
  • Weapons (including firearms and whips)
  • Unauthorised selling of goods and services
  • Unregistered vehicles
  • Glass – must stay in your camp kitchen (no glass in concert, public or camp areas). 
  • Animals – except for dogs if you have registered to camp in the dog-friendly area.


We also have rules on blackwater & toilet cassettes, greywater, rubbish, recycling and more. See Mundiville Camp Rules for full details.

Overland Adventures are a local Broken Hill tour operator offering camping packages at the Bash. Find out more here


Check out the 2024 artist lineup here! The playing schedule will be released closer to the festival.

In addition to featuring a jam packed line up of iconic Aussie artists, the Mundi Mundi Bash has lots of other entertainment to keep you as busy as you want to be!

See Activities for further details.

Yes, you can bring your own alcohol & food in. Please drink responsibly, no BBQs, and eskys of a reasonable size only.

  • Non-alcoholic drinks & water
  • Cans/casks of alcohol – glass not permitted
  • Snacks – food vendors open till late
  • Esky – of a reasonable size, off-road wheels recommended
  • Chair – no taller than 110cm when seated
  • Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Warm clothes and a blanket for night time
  • Off-road trolley – if you don’t want to carry your gear to the concert area
  • Glass
  • Metal cutlery
  • Umbrella
  • Tables, sunshades, tents or anything that will obstruct views of the stage
  • Aerosols
  • Animals (dogs allowed in the allocated area)
  • Folding chairs taller than 110cm when seated

There will be bag checks as you enter the concert area and prohibited items will be confiscated.

No, there’s no smoking or vaping anywhere within the concert area. You must go outside and at least 10m from the boundary fence to smoke.

Yes, bins are provided in the plaza & concert area for rubbish, aluminium can and PET plastic bottle recycling. These are only for use by pedestrians in the area – no campsite rubbish.

See Facilities for more details.


We welcome patrons with a disability and accessibility requirements. The Mundi Mundi Bash is held in a remote area but we do our best to provide facilities and assist in any way possible.

Unfortunately we’re only able to provide special assistance to patrons who have a government issued disability parking permit. If you don’t have a government issued permit, we recommend that, if eligible, you apply for one before the event.

See Patrons with a Disability for more information and to register.

To register online you’ll need to upload a government-issued mobility permit. If you don’t have one of these, yet still require the facilities, please get in touch with us via the Contact Us Portal and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Yes, get in touch via the Contact Us Portal and we can organise a free companion card ticket for you.


There’ll be a range of food vendors at the event selling hot & cold food as well as coffee and non-alcoholic beverages. Most campers bring some of their own food too.

Food vendors will operate from Tues 13th to Sat 17th August.

A small number of vendors will operate from dinner on Mon 12th August (for 3 Day Early Entry campers) and also breakfast Sun 18th August (General Roll Out). 

See Food for further details.

No, it’s a BYO event and no alcohol is for sale on-site. The Silverton Pub is the closest place to buy takeaway alcohol, so call in on the way to Mundiville.

Alternatively, you can make your purchases in Broken Hill or bring it along from home.

No, please bring your own. Broken Hill town has drinking water available from various locations.

See Broken Hill Facilities for more info.

Yes! Aluminium can and PET plastic bottle recycling bins will be available in the Plaza and Concert Area. Separate your cans and plastic bottles for recycling and help us run a sustainable event!

See Facilities for further details.

Yes! Collect your food waste in camp and bring it to the food waste bins outside the toilet blocks in the campground.

EFTPOS facilities can be limited at Mundiville so we recommend that you bring plenty of cash as a back up

Merchandise Stand will have EFTPOS available, along with a cash out facility.

Most food vendors will have EFTPOS.

Some art vendors, stall holders and food vendors may not have EFTPOS.

Yes, a comprehensive medical facility will be available at Mundiville. Please plan ahead and attend to any existing health problems before you arrive.

No, you’ll need to bring all the medications that you’ll need for the duration of the event. The closest chemist is in Broken Hill.

Toilets and greywater disposal will be available until midday Monday, however as some blocks begin decommissioning, you may need to walk to a further block that is still operational.

All other facilities will no longer be available. This includes food vendors, who will stop serving after breakfast on Sunday 18th, and the Mundiville medical centre. Please plan to be self-sufficient if you’re staying Sunday night.

See Facilities for more info.

Lost property is located at the Info Tent at Mundiville. After the event any lost property that hasn’t been claimed will be handed to the Broken Hill Police station.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds to ticket holders if they choose to sign on to volunteer.

  • Program
  • Festival Guide
  • Roll In Roll Out Guide
  • Crew Book
  • Transit permit (if relevant)
  • Crew wristband
  • Volunteer sticker (any extra stickers – eg. Dog, Disability)
  • T-shirt, Hat, Tube bandana
  • Thursday 10th August – Sunday 13th August inclusive
    Volunteers register, get wristbands and merchandise packs on site at Mundi Mundi Bash – Volunteer Rego.
  • Monday 14th August – inclusive
    Volunteers pick up their wristband at Ticketing, outside the Broken Hill Racecourse. They then drive to Mundiville where they can register as vols and pick up their merchandise packs at Event Control.
  • Main volunteer roll in day: 
    • Volunteers can roll into the campground from 8am Monday 14th of August.
  • Early volunteer roll in day: 
    • If you are working a shift at the Bash site on the Sunday 13th of August or working a shift on the Bash site before 9am on the Monday 14th of August you can set up camp in Mundiville from 4pm on the Sunday 13th of August.

Yes, unfortunately. You can avoid this line by rolling in on the volunteer-only entry day Monday 12th of August. If you are working a shift at the Bash site on the Sunday 11th of August or working a shift on the Bash site before 9am on the Monday 12th of August you can set up camp in Mundiville from 4pm on the Sunday 11th of August.

You will need to drive your own vehicle or organise a lift with a volunteer on the same shift as you. If you have to drive for your shifts you will be given a transit permit which will permit you to drive in and out of the campsite as required. If you do not receive a transit permit you will need to follow the vehicle movements policies.

Transit permits can be collected from the Volunteer Admin or Event Control in Mundiville during volunteer registration hours.

No, unfortunately transit permits are only for volunteers who are required to drive for their shifts during the Bash. You can use the transfer bus or move your vehicle to the day-parking area at one of the designated times.

Yes. The aim is to limit the number of people on the road on the evening of Saturday. We aim to do this fairly by limiting the number of early exit passes. They cost $15 each and all of the proceeds from these passes will go to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

No. If you want to camp next to a friend, meet in Silverton or Broken Hill and roll into the campground together.

Volunteers and anyone who is travelling in a volunteer’s vehicle. Non-volunteer friends or relatives who are not travelling in a volunteer vehicle must camp in the regular campsite.

You can camp in the dog camping area. You must adhere to the Mundi Mundi Bash dog attendance rules.

You can choose where you’d like to camp. You are welcome to camp in the Volunteer area. If you would like to have access to a toilet with a ramp and wide entry you should camp in the Disability Camping Area.

Every volunteer MUST sign on and off from each shift at Event Control unless their shift manager specifies that they can be signed off elsewhere. If in doubt, just come and sign off at Event Control.

We will send out shift-specific gear lists to each volunteer before the event next year.

However, in general we ask that you bring your own:

  • bottle(s) of water (we recommend 2L minimum per day)
  • sun protection (hat, sunscreen, sunglasses)
  • personal medication
  • your crew handbook
  • head-torch (plus spare batteries) – for night or afternoon shifts 
  • snacks
  • warm jacket + rain jacket, beanie, layers – for chilly night and early morning shifts 
  • check in with your team manager for any extra gear you may need for your shift.


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