17-19 AUGUST

15-17 AUGUST

Camping at Mundiville

Mundiville is located on private property, at Belmont Station, which is a working sheep station. Camping is not usually permitted, and we’re privileged to have the land-owner’s permission to hold the Mundi Mundi Bash on these beautiful red dirt outback plains.

The camping arrangements and rules outlined on this page, as well in the Mundiville Camp Rules, ensure the safety and comfort of everyone on site, and also help us take care of this special, outback property.

Camping is included in the cost of your ticket and is permitted for four nights: Thursday 15th to Monday 19th August (depart by midday Monday 19th).

Entry & Exit Times

Your ticket determines the dates & times that you can come and go from the Mundiville campground. After you’ve rolled out of the festival grounds, re-entry is not permitted.

To find out what is allowed for your ticket, check the information below.


You’ll only be allowed to enter the campground during the permitted “roll in” dates & times (see above). If you arrive at the gate on the wrong day, or outside of the permitted time, you won’t be allowed in.

During busy times allow at least 1 hour to drive between Broken Hill and Mundiville. Make sure you’ve picked up your vehicle pass and wristbands from the Broken Hill Racecourse in Broken Hill before you drive to Mundiville (unless you had them delivered).


At the Mundi Mundi Bash campsite boundaries are marked out, similar to a caravan park. You’ll receive a minimum of approx. 90m2 per vehicle. Shapes of campsites will vary slightly, but most will be around 13.5m x 6.75m.

You’ll be camping on the red dirt Mundi Mundi Plains, north of the Barrier Ranges. The campground is suitable for 2WD vehicles including motorhomes & caravans. 

We expect that 99% of setups will fit in the generous campsite allocation, however if your big-rig physically doesn’t fit, we will have a few larger sites available.

For more info on camping, see the FAQ’s.

Camping and Caravan Fire Safety

To prevent the risk of a fire spreading in the campsite, you must place all structures at least 1 metre from the back and side boundaries of your campsite. Guy ropes can protrude another 40cm. Marshals will enforce this rule.

The fire services recommend this simple safety checklist to assist you in having a safer trip.

Before you leave home
  • Install a smoke alarm close to the sleeping area in your caravan.
  • Test your fire alarm before leaving on holiday,
  • Consider having a fire extinguisher and fire blanket near the exit as well.
  • Before you leave home, ensure that you turn off any pilot lights in your caravan.
While travelling
  • Gas cylinders on caravans should be external and secure, with valves facing away from the van.
  • Regularly check your gas pipes and connectors. Make sure they are in good working order, particularly after driving on country roads.
At the Bash
  • Make sure you know how to get help in the event of a fire in Mundiville, and be familiar with the emergency evacuation points marked on the Festival Map.
  • Keep heaters away from the internal fittings in caravans.
  • Have a portable FM radio and tune in to Bash FM to stay updated on changing weather conditions and fire restrictions that may be in force.
  • Never leave cooking unattended and always secure any matches and lighters.
  • Turn off any lanterns and extinguish campfires (with water not dirt) before going to bed.
Camping in a tent
  • Consider buying a flame retardant tent.
  • Never cook or smoke in tents.
  • Locate campfires a safe distance from any tents.

More information is available on the NSW Fire + Rescue website.

Group Camping

If you’d like to camp as a group with other vehicles, you’ll need to arrive at the Mundi Mundi Bash site together. You won’t be able to save a spot for a later arrival.

See the diagram above for more details on group campsite layout.

Camping with a disability

We welcome patrons with a disability or accessibility requirements and will support your attendance in any way we can. 

See Patrons with a Disability to find out more and register online.

Camping with a Dog

The Mundi Mundi Bash is a dog-friendly event, and camping with dogs is permitted in the dog-friendly camping area. 

For more information please see the Dog Attendance Rules.


Everyone on site, including campers, must follow the Mundiville Camp Rules. Make sure you’re familiar with these – some require planning before you leave home.


Roll out is from 6am Sunday 18th August, until midday Monday 19th August. Those rolling out on Monday can camp at Mundiville on Sunday night at no extra charge.

For those staying on Sunday night: toilets will be available until midday Monday 19th, however all other facilities, including food vendors, and Mundiville medical centre, recycling, rubbish, internet and firewood & ice will no longer be available. Food vendors will stop serving after breakfast on Sunday morning. 

Avoiding Roll Out Queues

During the busiest period of roll out we clear about 1 vehicle every 8 seconds. That’s an impressive feat of logistics by our awesome team of volunteer marshals! However if everyone tried to leave at once there would be traffic jams and significant delays! That’s why we have a long roll out period from Sunday morning until midday Monday.

Those leaving on Sunday morning should expect a wait of up to a couple of hours. So, if you don’t want to wait in line, your best option is to plan your departure for Sunday afternoon after about 1pm, or Monday morning. If this doesn’t suit, you could purchase an Early Exit Pass, allowing you to roll out Saturday afternoon or evening after the show and spend the night in Broken Hill.

Transfer Bus

There will be a privately-operated transfer bus service to and from Broken Hill. This is a great option if you are staying in town and don’t fancy driving out to the event each day. Pricing and timetable for the 35km one way trip will be made available closer to the event.

Early Entry Camping Pass

You can purchase an Early Entry Camping Pass if you want to roll in and camp at Mundiville earlier than general ticket holders enjoy some of the pre-festival entertainment! 

See Early Entry Camping for more details.

Early Exit Pass

You can purchase an Early Exit Pass, which allows you to pack up and leave the Mundiville campground earlier than general ticket holders. 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of Early Exit Passes are donated to RFDS and there’s a limited amount available.

See Early Exit Pass for more details.


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