17-19 AUGUST

15-17 AUGUST

Ticket Collection

Ticket holders will need a physical wristband and car sticker to be permitted festival entry. Patrons can opt to have these tickets delivered to their home, or pick them up in Broken Hill before heading to Mundiville.

Read on for further info about both options:


E-tickets are emailed to ticket holders if they have not opted for ticket mail out.

You must exchange your e-ticket for a vehicle pass and wristband in Broken Hill, at the Broken Hill Racecourse, on Racecourse Road BEFORE you head to Mundiville.

  • Sunday 11th August to Friday 16th August, 9am – 5pm
  • Saturday 17th August, 9am – 3pm

We recommend that you download or print your e-ticket before you arrive due to limited reception in Broken Hill.


Save time and get your Mundi Mundi Bash wristbands and vehicle stickers mailed out!

Mail out tickets cost $18.90 per order, to have them delivered via registered mail straight to your home. 

All sales are final once you have opted for delivery, and tickets may not be refunded or swapped.

Please read the Ticket Mail Out FAQ’s below before proceeding with this option.

You will notice that the ticket postage fee has increased to $18.90 this year. We understand this isn’t ideal, however this fee covers the cost of registered post, stationery and staffing Oztix incurs in this ticket delivery option. To save yourself some $$$ – ensure you purchase all required tickets in one order or group with friends to split the fee!


Upon ticket checkout, you are opted to select the delivery method. Please choose ‘registered mail’, and follow the prompts to proceed.

The option to have your tickets mailed out will end on 21st June, and all orders will be dispatched by 5th July.  Once tickets are posted from Oztix, you will receive a notification from Australia Post with a tracking number on it. You can follow this tracking link for updates on your delivery.

6 weeks prior to the event, e-tickets will be sent to all ticket holders who did not opt for mail out and you will need to visit the Ticketing Office at Broken Hill Racecourse to collect your wristbands.

No. All tickets under one order will be sent together to the purchaser’s address. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to distribute the wristbands and vehicle stickers.

Yes, mail outs are grouped per order so we recommend ensuring your purchase is finalised before proceeding. Adding tickets is not an option, you’ll need to pay an individual delivery fee each time.

No. Wristbands and vehicle stickers are not replaceable, treat them like cash. There will be zero tolerance for misplaced, forgotten or damaged wristbands. If you don’t trust yourself to look after them, don’t opt for the delivery option. Ticket holders will be asked to repurchase a full-price ticket should they lose their wristband.

In the absence of an e-ticket, your wristband is your proof of ticket purchase. You MUST have a wristband to enter. Unfortunately, you will not be admitted entry without one.

No. If you have tickets spread over multiple orders, you can either:

  1. Pay $18.90 per order to have them delivered.
  2. Opt for e-ticket delivery and collect your remaining wristbands/vehicle stickers at the Ticketing Office in Broken Hill.

As per ticketing terms and conditions agreed to at time of purchase, tickets are not refundable.

If you’d like to resell your ticket via the online resale facility, reach out to us via the Contact Us Portal and we can assist by swapping your order over to an e-ticket.

By default, all applicants who have completed a disability camping application will have their disability access windscreen stickers and wristbands mailed out to them. These items are required IN ADDITION TO YOUR VEHICLE ENTRY PASS AND WRISTBANDS.

If you wish to have your vehicle entry pass stickers and wristbands delivered to you, you will need to opt to have these tickets mailed to you.

If you have not opted to get your tickets delivered, you will need to collect your general wristbands and vehicle entry stickers at the Ticketing Office at Broken Hill Racecourse.

Please ensure the details entered in your registration form (number of vehicles and people travelling in your party) are correct and up-to-date. If you need to make changes, get in contact with us.

Racecourse camping tickets cannot be mailed out, only Mundi Mundi Bash festival tickets. If you will be camping at Broken Hill Racecourse before the Bash, it is recommended you collect your tickets from the Ticketing Office at the Racecourse, as you will be there anyway.


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