17-19 AUGUST

15-17 AUGUST

Jr. Record Breaking

Are you ready to put your skills to the test and attempt to break some records?

Our friends from The Australian Book of Records (TABOR) are excited to see you again and achieve new records! You’ll have the chance to set national records, world records, and ‘Bash’ records.

If you have a record you think you can set or break, visit their tent; they’re happy to listen. Everything is provided except for any unique accessories that may be necessary for your special talent.

Examples of records to have a go at:

– The most consecutive baskets from the 3-metre and 5-metre distance for
– The highest coin stack in 60 seconds
– The fastest time to recite the alphabet backwards
– The fastest time to crush 33 cans (individual) adult record
$10.00 donation per shot for RFDS
– The fastest time to crush 33 cans (team of three) junior record
– The fastest time to complete ten knee keepie uppies
– The most high fives in one minute
– The fastest time to eat Smarties with chopsticks

Start practising now, and get ready to make history with The Australian Book of Records at the Bash!



Between 9am-3pm every day.


The Australian Book Of Records Tent in the Plaza area –  look for the very tall green wave banner with Your Record Breaking Starts Here on it. 


No charge. 


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